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Company report

The company report is an opportunity to summarize the company’s business operations and reports. It is an important record of what was learned and achieved.

There are four stages to the competition. These are:


Business presentation

The business presentation should summarize the key experiences and achievements of the company. Try to bring to life and include the accomplishments and challenges of your business’s endeavor for the audience. What you have learned from your mistakes and subsequent solutions is as important as your achievements.


Interview with judges

This is a very important aspect of the competition because the judges can ask any questions about the company. Judges likely will probe company members on their understanding of how and why the company performed as it did, the general lessons they gained from the experience, and how these lessons might be applied in a new business context.


Trade Fair Booth

The booth should display the company’s product and/or demonstration of service. This is your company’s direct encounter with the members of the judging panel in a marketplace environment. Keep this in mind when preparing for this stage of the competition.

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