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Across the globe, JA impacts the lives of over 10 million young people in 2020. To learn more about JA's world-changing approach, read our latest Global Impact Report, Annual Report, Factbook, and Alumni Stories.

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Impact: Making a Measurable Difference


JA Worldwide Impact Report, 2014

This latest report from JA Worldwide shares invaluable statistics and stories from the field.


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JA Asia Pacific is a member of JA Worldwide, one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship.  With the Asia Pacific region being home to 60% of the world’s youth, JA Asia Pacific aims to empower young people to benefit from and contribute to the region’s economic development and to create a positive impact in their lives and communities.

With operations across 17 countries and territories, the JA Asia Pacific network equips young people with the employment and entrepreneurship skillsets and mindsets they need to succeed.  By building abilities and nurturing self-belief, JA prepares youth for the future of work, ensures they have the tools to be financially capable adults, and teaches them to think entrepreneurially. Supported by nearly 50,000 volunteers, and reaching more than 1.7 million students in 2020, JA Asia Pacific is one of few organizations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation of global innovators, entrepreneurs, makers, and managers.   As a member of JA Worldwide, our global network is comprised of more than half a million volunteers, serving more than 10 million students in over 100 countries each year. 


For more than 100 years, JA has delivered hands-on, experiential learning in work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. We create pathways for employability, job creation and financial success.




About JA
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JA Worldwide Factbook 2020-1.jpg

JA Worldwide Factbook, 2020

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JA Worldwide Annual Report 2020-final-1.jpg

JA Worldwide Annual Report, 2020

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Impact Report-2019-final.png

JA Worldwide Impact Report



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JA Worldwide Annual Report 2018.png

JA Worldwide Annual Report



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JA Worldwide Factbook 2018.png

JA Worldwide Factbook


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Alumni Stories





The JA Asia Pacific Regional Operating Center (ROC)  has a diverse and highly dynamic Board of Directors, comprised of business leaders spanning various sectors and leading companies in the region. Our Board collaborates with the JA Asia Pacific team to outline strategic direction and priorities for the region. Our current Board of Directors for JA Asia Pacific is comprised of the following members:

PG Raghuraman (Board Charir)

Managing Director & Chief Risk Officer,

Growth Markets, Accenture

Alice Chou

Director, Chou Family L2 Foundation

Acting Excutive Director, JA China

Bernard Chan


Asia Financial Holdings

Chodchoy Sophonpanich


Thai Environmental and Community Development

Kawal Preet

Regional President of Asia Pacific,

Middle East and Africa (AMEA), FedEx Express

Sui Yang Phang

Managing Partner of Nest Hong Kong

Stephen Barnharm

Chief Information Officer, Asia Pacific MetLife, Singapore

Board of Diretors

Words from our Board of Directors

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Karen Reddington ( Former Board Chair)

President, Asia Pacific Divison, FedEx Express


FedEx has been a long-term supporter of JA as we believe that investing in the education of our children today opens our world to greater possibilities in the future. JA provides a wonderful opportunity for FedEx to help nurture our next generation of business leaders. With an understanding of how global trade works, these individuals will help their local economies and communities grow. This makes entrepreneurship an important life skill to learn.


Bernard Chan

President, Asia Financial Holdings

JA Asia Pacific’s mission to help the young learn about enterprise, work and money. With knowledge and awareness of these subjects, they will be better prepared to enjoy successful lives and build prosperous communities. I congratulate all involved in this effort to help the next generation thrive in the real world.

Chodchoy Sophonpanich

President, Thai Environmental and Community Development


JA is successfully enhancing the young people's education through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, work readiness, and other life skills programs - all qualities which will be beneficial to them throughout their future careers. I am sure all the students will look back to their JA days with gratitude, not only for all the knowledge but also for all the fun times that they had working together so enthusiastically with passion and spirit in developing and presenting their projects. It is certainly rewarding to be part of such a wonderful mission. Thank you for inviting me on the Board of JA Asia Pacific.

Edward Lee (Former Board Member)

Founder and Chairman, COL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC.


The JA story has been an integral part of my journey. It is inspiring to witness how JA programs have given students the opportunity to learn and practice real-life skills.
I was one of them.
I desire to see the growing impact of JA to an increasing number of young individuals in the coming years.


Sui Yang Phang

Managing Partner of Nest Hong Kong


I believe that, more than ever before, technology is lifting communities and empowering lives. Being part of the JA family is an opportunity to support the education of young people, to embrace technology and entrepreneurship. By doing so, I believe we can help level the playing field and create an impact where it’s most needed.

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Mr Maziar Sabet

President and CEO

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Mr Kirk Kenny

Chief Development Officer

Ms Arunee Narula

Regional Operations Director

Michael Mercieca

Partnerships and M&A Consultant

Anne Truong

Regional Partnerships Officer

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JA Alumni Facts

Students who go through our programs are more likely to…

  • stay in school

  • find employment after graduation

  • hold management positions and have higher incomes

  • launch companies (and in turn create more jobs, generate more profit and innovate)

  • and be less deterred by the prospect of failure!



Are you a JA alumnus? Come join us on Gather! Find alumni near you on the interactive map, connect and exchange ideas, attend alumni events globally, develop new skills, find new leadership opportunities all in one app—connect on or download the Gather app on iOS or Android.

Access Gather at


Benefits for JA alumni:

  • Connect with a global community of like-minded people


  • Find alumni near you on the interactive map

  • Attend alumni events globally


  • Develop new skills


  • Leadership opportunities



The JA Experiential Education Model

JA delivers its education programs through volunteers from all sectors of society who bring real-life work experience to the training and work closely with students in a mentorship capacity to create a truly experiential model that is focused on practical, and not just theoretical, results.




Young people



JA serves as the nexus between the private sector, public sector and young people. We connect companies, organizations and individuals who wish to be involved in the youth economic development movement.

Our partners enable us to effectively execute our mission.  In turn, we enable our partners to collaborate in addressing socio-economic priorities, such as youth unemployment and enterprise creation.

Whether through financial contributions, Board participation, classroom or virtual volunteering, JA offers a collective ability to execute youth empowerment programs that create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of young people.


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Institutional Partners

Sponsors & Partners


The 17-member JA Asia Pacific network is powered by over 50,000 volunteers and mentors from all sectors of society, reaching more than 1.7 million students around the region in 2020.

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