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JA Asia Pacific brings to you the 2024 Company of the Year Competition from 11th -15th March 2024, hosted in Kuala Lumpur by JA Malaysia and supported by Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). The 14th edition of this annual event will be held in-person with 12 markets from the Asia Pacific region represented: China, Guam, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. A total of of 21 teams will be competing to be named JA Asia Pacific’s 2024 Company of the Year.

COYC 2024 Agenda-.png

China: Healthvision (何忆雨澄) created an intelligent medicine box for the elderly that reminds users when it’s time to take medications.

China: Quanxin Quanyi (泉欣泉艺) sells a flameless aromatherapy device.

Guam: Enseña designed and developed Hafa Adai Havoc, an Uno-inspired card game that depicts several aspects of the Chamorro culture.

Guam: Lå'la' designed hinasso, a journal and activity book that includes prompts, activities, and destinations to visit around Guam.

Hong Kong SAR: Elipsis fosters communication between the deaf and the hearing communities via educational sign language game cards.

Hong Kong SAR: Construini created Swap, a three-in-one life organizer that includes a metal blackboard stand, liquid chalk marker , a memo pad, and a mobile app, Habibi, which helps people establish good habits.

India: Green Pages produces notebooks made with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pulp paper and a biodegradable cover made from elephant dung.

India: ECOTWILL repurposes waste wrappers into fashionable products that showcase how environmental consciousness can intersect with fashion and functionality.

Indonesia: eSteam produces personal care products, including deodorant, body scrub, and more.

Japan: Rafflesia sells thoughtfully designed notepads, tote bags, earrings, pouches, stickers, and hair clips.

Korea: Eco-Logics’ Alltitab fire prevention IoT power strips address the issue of limited electrical outlets in school classrooms by eliminating the need to daisy-chain power strips.

Korea: O'BGE produces an eco-friendly toothbrush with a changeable head.

Malaysia: Seaverse Enterprise designed and sells personal accessories, including the Svebag, a multipurpose fabric bag; the Sveanie, a beanie-style hat; the Sveetie, a ribbon hair pin; and the Svepoch, a fabric pouch.

Malaysia: Pearlescent Enterprise created and sells plastic crocheted keychains, crocheted drawstring bags, mirror keychains, phone charms, and Spotify photocards.

Philippines: Lakbay Incorporated offers fashionable yet sustainable sandals in two distinct designs with detachable straps that cater to both men and women.

Philippines: La Kumpas designed the Alpas Collection, a series of bags that incorporate traditional handwoven textiles known as pinilian fabric.

Singapore: Supplicle created an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of curated, previously used study materials.

Singapore: InfoAir empowers people everywhere to lead safer and healthier lives by delivering constant air quality awareness in their proximity.

Thailand: Ecollective’s sells Bag It, a sustainable tote bag made from recycled plastic PET bottles.

Vietnam: SOCCO makes and sells socks made from coffee yarn.

Vietnam: 7 LTD manufactures and sells essential oils from coriander and lemongrass essential oil, and coriander- and lemongrass-scented water.

Event Highlights
Day 0-Orientation.JPG
Orientation Meeting for SLT's, Chaperones and Observers

The orientation meeting for SLTs, chaperones, and observers was organized by JA Asia Pacific to provide a comprehensive briefing on the agenda for the following days. Presentation slides covered crucial information about the event, including rules, expectations, and other pertinent details. JA Asia Pacific ensured the smooth execution of the orientation session, allowing for effective communication and preparation.

Ice Breaking/Networking Session
Day 0 - IceBreaking.JPG

During the icebreaker session, students were given the opportunity to meet and interact with each other. In groups, students introduced themselves and participated in various engaging activities designed to break the ice and promote teamwork organised by the JA Malaysia team.

Through collaborative activities in the networking session organised by JA Worldwide’s Alumni and People Engagement Director with the help of JA Malaysia Alumni Board, students had the chance to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. This allowed them to exchange ideas, perspectives, and insights, further enhancing their understanding of each other and fostering a culture of inclusivity and cooperation.

Mentoring Session on Business Presentation
Day 1 - Mentoring.JPG

The Mentoring Session on Business Presentation, led by a seasoned professional trainer, Sheela Chandran, was an invaluable opportunity for participants to refine their presentation skills and elevate their business acumen. Through personalized guidance and expert insights, participants learned how to effectively communicate their ideas, captivate their audience, and convey the value proposition of their business ventures with confidence and clarity.

The session was structured to provide practical tips and techniques for crafting compelling presentations, covering aspects such as storytelling, slide design, delivery techniques, and handling Q&A sessions. Participants benefited from hands-on exercises, constructive feedback, and real-world examples, empowering them to enhance their presentation prowess and stand out in competitive environments.

Overall, the mentoring session served as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, equipping participants with the skills and confidence needed to effectively pitch their business ideas and leave a lasting impression on potential investors, stakeholders, and customers.

Trade Fair
Day 1 - Trade Fair2.JPG
Day 1 - Trade Fair.JPG

The Trade Fair was held at Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya on the afternoon of 12th March, 2024. Teams were assigned a booth each to decorate and set up prior to the Opening Ceremony. 

When the Trade Fair commenced, teams convincingly entertained customers from the public, and judges who visited as Secret Shoppers. Judges visited each stall, engaging directly with student companies in the vibrant marketplace atmosphere. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into marketing strategies, customer interaction, and market dynamics for student companies. 

Opening Ceremony for 2024 JA AP COYC
Day 1 - Opening Ceremony1.JPG
Day 1 - Opening Ceremony.JPG

The 2024 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition kicked off with a captivating performance of "Paluan Kompang," a traditional Malay hand drums display. Maziar Sabet, the President and CEO of JA Asia Pacific welcomed everyone to the Competition. Following Sabet's address, Jasmine Ng, a prominent figure as the Co-Founder of Women in Blockchain Asia, Engame, and myBID, delivered the keynote speech. Ng’s words emphasized the pivotal role of innovation and entrepreneurship, resonating deeply with the audience and igniting a sense of purpose. The presence of Andrew Whitmire, representing PMIEF, further enriched the event.

Day 1 - Opening Ceremony2.JPG

The ceremony reached its pinnacle with a vibrant Lion Dance, symbolizing prosperity and auspicious beginnings for the competition and its participants. The performances were both done by students from local schools involved in the JA programs. As the opening ceremony drew to a close, participants came together for group photos, capturing the essence of camaraderie and collaboration that defines the spirit of the JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition.

Business Presentations
Day 2 - Business Presentations2.JPG

The Business Presentations were the highlight of the event, showcasing the innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of the participants. A panel of 17 judges - industry experts and academics were present in person to assess the 21 teams. Judges were provided with laptops for the newly implemented digital judging process for the Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition.

Throughout the presentation, teams demonstrated a deep understanding of their target market, competitive landscape, and revenue model within the 4-minute timeline. They articulated their value propositions clearly, highlighting the problem they aimed to solve and the benefits of their solutions. Visual aids and prototypes were utilized effectively to enhance understanding and engage the audience. Overall, the Business Presentations were a testament to the creativity, determination, and business acumen of the teams.

Day 2 - Business Presentations1.JPG
Day 2 - Business Presentations.JPG
Talent Show

The Talent Show showcased an array of captivating performances, each highlighting the diverse talents of the participants. From enchanting musical performances to mesmerizing dance routines, the stage came alive with creativity and skill. Participants captivated the audience with their unique acts, showcasing their individuality and passion. The Talent Show provided a platform for participants to express themselves creatively and celebrate their talents, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation within the community. Audience members were treated to an unforgettable display of talent and artistry, leaving them inspired and uplifted by the extraordinary performances. Representatives from JA Worldwide and JA Asia Pacific commended students on their courage and recognised this Talent Show as unique to the region in building unity among the participants.

Day 2 - Talent show.JPG
Day 2 - Talent show2.JPG
Day 2 - Talent show1.JPG
Day 2 - Talent show3.JPG
Project Management Essentials by PMIEF
Day 3 - PMIEF1.JPG

Andrew Whitmire from the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) introduced the importance of project management and encouraged learning from failure. The floor was then handed to Nehru Nagappan, a successful project coach and mentor, who shared his experiences, including a significant early career failure that provided valuable lessons. Nehru Nagappan stressed on the importance of planning, using tools like the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to break down projects into manageable tasks, and emphasized the significance of monitoring, controlling projects, celebrating successes, and learning from failure. He also provided templates and tutorials to aid the audience in mastering project management skills. His engaging session was interactive. The session was also streamed live on Facebook and YouTube for further engagement.

Day 3 - Excursion.JPG
Day 3 - Excursion1.JPG

The excursion began with a visit to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC), where participants marveled at the towering skyscrapers and enjoyed panoramic views of the city skyline. Next, they explored the historic Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka), immersing themselves in the rich heritage and culture of Malaysia. At Central Market (Pasar Seni), participants wandered through vibrant markets, indulging in local crafts and experiencing the bustling atmosphere. They then proceeded to a local seafood lunch. The excursion provided participants with a memorable opportunity to explore Kuala Lumpur's landmarks, immerse themselves in its culture, and indulge in its culinary delights, creating lasting memories of their time in Malaysia.

Awards Gala Dinner
Day 3 - Group Pic.JPG

The Awards Gala Dinner dazzled with a vibrant showcase of culture, intellect, and celebration. The evening commenced with the graceful movements of a Malay dance, followed by a spirited Flag Parade symbolizing unity. Maziar Sabet and Andrew Whitmire delivered stirring speeches, while the Ambassador of the United States to Malaysia, His Excellency Designate Edgard D. Kagan, added diplomatic elegance with his address. The audience were further entertained by the local schools engaged by JA Malaysia with Chinese and Indian dance performances. Excitement peaked with the awards ceremony, where excellence was honored across categories like Best Financial Management, Best Business Video, and Product of the Year. The prestigious Company of the Year award, presented by the Ambassador, crowned the evening.



Congratulations to all winners in the following categories:
JA Company of the Year 2024
2nd - COY.jpg
3rd - COY.jpg
Best Business Video Award
1st - Buss Video.jpg
2nd - Buss Video.jpg
3rd - Buss Video.jpg
Best Financial Management Award
1st - Financial Mgmt.jpg
2nd - Financial Mgmt.jpg
3rd - Financial Mgmt.png
Product of the Year Award
1st - Product.jpg
2nd - Product.jpg
3rd - Product.png
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