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Global Money Week 2024: a conversation with BNY Mellon

Updated: Mar 21

🌍💰 Happy Global Money Week! 🎉 Join us as we kick off a week dedicated to spreading the importance of financial literacy worldwide! Throughout the week, we'll be shining a spotlight on our partnerships based on a shared mission to empower children and youth with essential money skills.

Listen to Charlotte M. from BNY Mellon speak with Kirk Kenny from JA Asia Pacific about the work we are doing together in Asia Pacific and Europe, and how they are reimagining their CSR and ESG footprint moving forward. 

Follow along this Global Money Week to discover the impact we're creating and join us in our commitment to building a brighter financial future for young people everywhere! 💡💸 #FinancialLiteracy #GlobalMoneyWeek  #bnymellon #juniorachievement  #ja #oneja #jaasiapacific #financialliteracy #inclusion #ngo 



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