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About The Schools Challenge

As the world continues to rise to meet the opportunities and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution, JA Asia Pacific is continuing to increase the impact of our work through collaboration with funders and partners to leverage innovation, technology and partnerships so as to realize the full potential of this region.

JA Asia Pacific is proud of our ongoing collaboration with J.P. Morgan, starting in 2018, to bring The Schools Challenge to Asia Pacific. The Challenge is a social innovation project-based learning program for secondary school students. This program provides opportunities for secondary students to learn and leverage their STEM skills to make a difference on causes they care about in their community.

Since launching in Hong Kong in 2018, The Schools Challenge has since expanded to Singapore and Japan. To date, more than 675 J.P. Morgan mentors and 400 university student volunteers have supported more than 1,300 junior secondary school students. The program has helped students develop their creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as explore their interests and aspirations, building a solid foundation for the sustainable development of society.

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