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The JA Story

Celebrating 20 Years of leading Youth Empowerment in Japan 

L to R: Ms.Hau Yee Ng, Mr. Edmond Lo, Ms.Vivian Lau,

Ms. Yoriko Kuroki, Mr. Moonhwan Yuh, Mr. Yoshihiro Nakamoto ,Mrs. Steve Wong, Mr. Steve Wong

Student city in Shinagawa 1

Extending JA’s mission to Japan.
The first JA office was founded almost a century ago as the pioneer in bringing business and financial education to generations of young entrepreneurs. Since then, JA Worldwide has grown to serve 10.6 million students in over 120 countries around the world.
Aligned with JA’s worldwide mission, JA Japan has been a Pioneer and Leader of Economic Education for the youth in Japan since 1995. Contrary to focusing on high academic grades, educating the youth to be financially literate was new in the 90’s and JA Japan has been a pioneer and leader in driving economic education for the youth in Japan in the past 20 years.
In 2014 to 2015, JA Japan has served more than 56 thousands students through 57 hundreds volunteers across the country. As a Public-interest Incorporated (PIA) certified organization, a certification attained by only 3% of the most credible non-profit organizations in Japan, JA Japan has always put youth’s education needs and development at the forefront of the organization.
In collaboration and strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Education and Business Leaders, JA Japan is committed to driving innovative education programs and to empower young people to achieve economic success, and thus enriching their capabilities to contribute to the strength of their families, communities and economies.
Accomplishments and Celebrations
In addition to the outstanding TTbiz Asia Innovation Challenge, a program that allows students from different countries to collaborate and compete virtually through real time Tele-presence technology, JA Japan is also the first JA Asia Pacific member to start Student City and Finance Park in Kyoto City five years ago. The cumulative number of students who have experienced the Student City and Finance Park programs has reached 50,000 in 2015 and is expected reach 100,000 students in 2020 - 10% of total population in Kyoto. As of today, JA Japan is managing 4 Student Cities and 4 Finance Parks across eight 8 sites in Japan, an unprecedented achievement managed by a very small staff in a single country. 
To mark its 20-year celebration, JA Japan hosted the 20th anniversary ceremony and conference on September 28th, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. Attended by leaders from JA Asia Pacific, JA Japan board of governors, local ministries of Finance and Education, and sponsors, the event was kicked off by a virtual congratulatory message from Asheesh Advani, President and CEO, JA Worldwide.
“Congratulations JA Japan, you have come a long way. On behalf of JA Worldwide and JA Asia Pacific, we are very proud of your success and humbled by your achievement. We look forward to supporting you to bring the most relevant educational programs to the youth of Japan in the next decade and beyond. Happy 20th Anniversary, JA Japan!” says Vivian at the JA Japan 20th anniversary ceremony.

L to R: Ms Vivian Lau, President of JA Asia Pacific, Mr. Yorihiko Kojima, Chairman and Board Chair of Junior Achievement Japan, Mr. Steve Wong, JA AP Board Chair

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