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The JA Story

Two JA Company Program alumni building a partnership of a life time 

Connie and Alfred at 2012/13 JA HK Trade Fair​

Meet Connie Yeung and Alfred Choy, the main characters featured in a heart-warming JA story, just before our end of year festive holidays this year.Through the JA Company Program, Connie and Alfred were first met in 2006.
Since then, the two have-became good friends, sharing the same youth empowerment value and bonded more closely together through participations as volunteers in JA workshops and Business Advisors for JA Company programs in consecutive years thereafter. 
Devoted to her career in training and development, Connie has always been a dedicated supporter and volunteer with the JA Hong Kong’s Company program for more than 10 years since 2005
When asked why volunteering for JA in Hong Kong for the past 10 years, Connie says” It is very interesting and invaluable exposures for the youth to experience and learn from the ‘adult’ world at young age” says Connie. “I genuinely see the benefit of JA’s Company Program in inspiring our youth with the entrepreneurship spirit and approach in life. It is my will and honor to be a part JA’s effort to empower the youth to create their future.”
Currently embarking on a career with a Marketing technology company, Alfred was one of the 2004/2005 JA Hong Kong Company of the Year participant and was engaged as CP’s business advisor for 2 years after 2005.
“The spirit of the JA Company Program is not about winning” says Alfred, “To me, it is about finding a platform to define owns goal early in life and being the best of what we can ever be. In addition, it is about building life- long connections with people that shared the same value beyond the program. The JA Company program has not only expedite my journey on choosing the pathway for my career. And for my case, I have also found the most important partner for life!” concluded Alfred.
Connie and Alfred are celebrating their first wedding anniversary in January 2016. Congratulations Connie and Alfred! 

Connie and Alfred - Jan 2015

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