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JA Asia Pacific brings to you the 2024 Company of the Year Competition from 11th -15th March 2024, hosted in Kuala Lumpur by JA Malaysia and supported by Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). The 14th edition of this annual event will be held in-person with 12 markets from the Asia Pacific region represented: China, Guam, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. A total of of 21 teams will be competing to be named JA Asia Pacific’s 2024 Company of the Year.

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China: Healthvision (何忆雨澄) created an intelligent medicine box for the elderly that reminds users when it’s time to take medications.

China: Quanxin Quanyi (泉欣泉艺) sells a flameless aromatherapy device.

Guam: Enseña designed and developed Hafa Adai Havoc, an Uno-inspired card game that depicts several aspects of the Chamorro culture.

Guam: Lå'la' designed hinasso, a journal and activity book that includes prompts, activities, and destinations to visit around Guam.

Hong Kong SAR: Elipsis fosters communication between the deaf and the hearing communities via educational sign language game cards.

Hong Kong SAR: Construini created Swap, a three-in-one life organizer that includes a metal blackboard stand, liquid chalk marker , a memo pad, and a mobile app, Habibi, which helps people establish good habits.

India: Green Pages produces notebooks made with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pulp paper and a biodegradable cover made from elephant dung.

India: ECOTWILL repurposes waste wrappers into fashionable products that showcase how environmental consciousness can intersect with fashion and functionality.

Indonesia: eSteam produces personal care products, including deodorant, body scrub, and more.

Japan: Rafflesia sells thoughtfully designed notepads, tote bags, earrings, pouches, stickers, and hair clips.

Korea: Eco-Logics’ Alltitab fire prevention IoT power strips address the issue of limited electrical outlets in school classrooms by eliminating the need to daisy-chain power strips.

Korea: O'BGE produces an eco-friendly toothbrush with a changeable head.

Malaysia: Seaverse Enterprise designed and sells personal accessories, including the Svebag, a multipurpose fabric bag; the Sveanie, a beanie-style hat; the Sveetie, a ribbon hair pin; and the Svepoch, a fabric pouch.

Malaysia: Pearlescent Enterprise created and sells plastic crocheted keychains, crocheted drawstring bags, mirror keychains, phone charms, and Spotify photocards.

Philippines: Lakbay Incorporated offers fashionable yet sustainable sandals in two distinct designs with detachable straps that cater to both men and women.

Philippines: La Kumpas designed the Alpas Collection, a series of bags that incorporate traditional handwoven textiles known as pinilian fabric.

Singapore: Supplicle created an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of curated, previously used study materials.

Singapore: InfoAir empowers people everywhere to lead safer and healthier lives by delivering constant air quality awareness in their proximity.

Thailand: Ecollective’s sells Bag It, a sustainable tote bag made from recycled plastic PET bottles.

Vietnam: SOCCO makes and sells socks made from coffee yarn.

Vietnam: 7 LTD manufactures and sells essential oils from coriander and lemongrass essential oil, and coriander- and lemongrass-scented water.


The following awards await Student Companies at the 2024 JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Competition:

Main Awards

Company of the Year - 1st Place

Special Awards

Best Business Video Award

Company of the Year - 2nd Place

Company of the Year - 3rd Place

Product of the Year Award

Best Financial Management Award

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