The first JA AP Youth Talk Conference was successfully held at the Asia Society in Hong Kong on June 16, 2016. The conference brings together youth, global and Asia Pacific regional business leaders from all around the world to discuss and respond to the main youth issues in this region.

Be inspired by Youth from 12 Asia Pacific locations

Leveraging the power of the JA AP Members network, panelists and conference delegates were able to hear directly from our young people on their aspirations and challenges from the following 12 Asia Pacific locations:

 China . Guam . Hong Kong . India . Indonesia . Japan

Kazakhstan , Korea . Philippines . Singapore . Thailand . Vietnam

1. Main Youth Issues in Asia Pacific

2.  What can be done to address the issues

3. Youth dreams and aspirations

4. Challenges and obstacles

5. One thing to change in the world

6. Behind the scenes of JA AP Youth Talk and JA AP Welcome Dinner

Meet our youth

Some of the main youth issues in the Asia Pacific region

Aspirations and dreams

Most needed support to address the issues

Challenges and Obstacles 

if there is one thing our youth can change in this world…

JA Asia Pacific Moments


Meet global and regional business leaders

Moderator :

Panel Speakers :

JA AP Welcome Dinner with Inspiring keynote speaker

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