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Mr. Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi is the Chief Executive Officer of Citi

Holdings, which comprises Citi's non- core assets. Prior to running Citi Holdings, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Citi Transaction Services (CTS) since April 2009. Prior to CEO of CTS, Francesco was the Global Head for Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), He joined CTS in 2003 as the Region Head for Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Ms. Diana Tsui joined J.P. Morgan in May 2014 as Head of Global

Philanthropy for the Asia Pacific region. Diana’s career has spanned across continents, businesses and sectors. Diana is passionate about the development of CSR, impact philanthropy in Asia, and key global issues such as extreme poverty, civil society development, and climate change

Mr. Clive Lee is CEO of the Yidan Prize Foundation. Clive is a specialist in

social services, and has extensive experience in social entrepreneurship and nonprofit organizations. His contributions to society have earned him numerous awards, including the first Hong Kong Youth Service Award presented by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive and may others. 

Ms. Jane Lau is Chief Executive of UNICEF Hong Kong. Prior to this appointment, Jane

had led a successful career in public and government affairs, corporate communications, branding, marketing, CSR and sustainability and politics. She spent 18 years in the energy and power sector at a senior management level and also served other industries such as electronics, financial services and conglomerates with different executive capacities. 

Mr. Horace Chow is general manager of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited, Horace oversees

overall strategy, business operations and outreach for the company in Hong Kong. Horace is a data management, business intelligence and enterprise mobility industry veteran. Prior Microsoft, Horace served as vice- president and general manager of Database & Technology for SAP China and General Manager for Sybase in North Asia. 

Ms. Vivian Lau is President of JA Asia Pacific, a member of JA Worldwide.

Before becoming the President of JA Asia Pacific, Vivian was the Chief Executive Officer of JA Hong Kong from 2004 to 2015. Vivian has over 20 years of executive international experience in industries spanning leadership development, petrochemical, IT, airlines, advertising, online and telecommunication. 

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Mr. Francesco Vanni d'Archirafi
Ms. Diana Tsui
Mr. Clive Lee
Ms. Jane Lau
Mr. Horace Chow
Ms. Vivian Lau
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