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JA SparktheDream

Financial Literacy, Personal Growth, Social Inclusion
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JA SparktheDream is a holistic financial education program developed for pre-teen and teen youth across Asia, with an aim to empower them to live their dreams. This program equips students with skillsets to become financially capable individuals, and the mindsets and framework to become socially-minded, positive contributors to their communities by providing them with tools and opportunities to take charge of their financial futures.


The program consists of four sessions covering: financial awareness, financial capability, and economic and social inclusion. The program is delivered by business volunteers from FWD, and includes an interactive online learning platform, family activities, community engagement and a regional event.

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Students Can Lean To
Through JA SparktheDream students can learn to:
  • Identify the role of money in everyday life.

  • Manage their personal budget and make sound financial choices.

  • Discover the needs of their community and explore creative solutions by applying empathic thinking skills.

  • Work in teams and express their creativity through presenting their social innovation ideas.

FWD and JA Asia Pacific have a unique opportunity to meaningfully address a gap in financial education by equipping young people with the skillsets to become financially capable individuals, and the mindsets and framework to become socially-minded, positive contributors to their communities.

Learning Components
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Learning Components
Participating Locations
Participating Locations

In 2023, JA SparktheDream will be run in a total of 7 JA locations:

JA Hong Kong

JA Singapore

JA Japan

Prestasijunior Indonesia

JA Philippines

JA Thailand

JA Vietnam



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  • I enjoyed playing games. I learnt how to keep my money better.

  • I learnt how to have a successful financial plan. The program enriched my financial knowledge and helped me develop a healthy financial concept. This will help me a lot in my future life.

  • I learnt to understand community needs and how we can help.

  • I enjoyed playing all the games. Through this program, I learnt a little more about financial concepts.

What our students say:
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What our teachers say:
  • Program content was relevant and very applicable to students’ life. It’s good for them to be educated about such things to mold their thinking about how to manage money.

  • Students were generally engaged and were prompted to think about such issues through the activities and questions posed to them.

  • Through the various activities, the students are more aware of how to handle financial management matters.

  • The students had a balance of volunteer-led session, online learning platform activities and at-home activities.

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  • The students were incredibly enthusiastic and competitive during the activities.

  • It was incredibly rewarding to take them through the curriculum. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • It’s really a great initiative which allows us to see that we can make an impact as a company and individuals in our community.

  • I am very appreciative of the opportunity to share my experience with our next generation. It is very beneficial for the volunteers to participate.

What our volunteers say:
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