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Project Management Program for Tomorrow’s Leaders


Starting in 2022, The Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) partnered with JA Asia Pacific and its Members to “enable youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management” and to "inspire youth to achieve their goals, making dreams a reality”. PMIEF’s mission aligns closely with JA’s, as we strive to provide young people in the world’s most populous region to instill future-forward educational opportunities and skilling programs.

Learning Experience
Learning Experience

The program targets youth in the region with project management skills and content, largely embedded within broader project-based programs and events. The goal is for young people to learn project management basics, understand its broad application to any number of careers they may wish to pursue, and to develop the competencies need to manage projects in their own lives.


With JA’s reach, resources and netoworknetwork, students have the chance to engage in the Project Management training through many models. As one example, we created a special engagement opportunity for a Project Management Webinar through JA Asia Pacific’s flagship event called Company of the Year Competition (COYC). Students also have the chance to join Project Management workshops at our participating JA locations.

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Participating Locations
Participating Locations

With PMIEF’s incredible support, in 2022, JA Asia Pacific and our Members were able to support learning experiences for 70,185 students reached by three JA locations: India, Indonesia and the Philippines.


In 2023, we are working towards a total of eight market locations joining the program from Asia Pacific, namely: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, with hopefully more to come in 2024 and beyond!

Learning Components
Student Testimonials

“We had a great experience and the session was very engaging. We would like to thank the JA team for organizing this workshop. This will be extremely useful in all aspects of life, particularly for those who like to plan and organize things.”


“The organization gives us a lot of information and knowledge that we can use in our future career. It gives us opportunities to improve our skills.”


“I really enjoyed the webinar and I learned a lot about managing projects. I hope my knowledge of this organization expands even more in the future.”


“Not only knowing the basic understanding of project management, but the speakers also succeeded in delivering the stages in project management with easy-to-understand delivery. I learned a lot! Thank you”

Teacher Testimonials

“Project management is vital for everyone, regardless of their profession. These are very simple and interesting concepts that we can apply in our daily lives.”



“This Project Management Seminar is very good. From this seminar we can learn more about the ways of project management, ensuring the project is according to the planned time and budget, according to the client's needs, while still paying attention to the welfare of the team. The material presented by the presenters is also interesting and clear to understand, detailed along with examples.”



“This seminar is very useful for high school students who will continue the management project skills in the world of work and other stages. I hope that JA can continue to organize more programs that are similarly inspiring and educational like this

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